So, what's wrong with making your own clothes?  Not a blessed thing! 

        In a day and age, when we are finally learning to be a little more conservative with the almighty dollar, we pay special tribute to those artisans who are so adept with their hands, their creativity, their sense of style.  We know firsthand that those individuals who are gifted enough to create something special by way of sewing, crocheting, quilting, knitting, needlepoint and or tatting possess the patience of Job and the delicate touch of a butterfly's wing.

        Thus, in an effort to make your Internet creativity a little less tedious, we bring you this small offering of graphics to build your own web page.

        If you use any of these graphics, we will appreciate a link back to us at  These graphics will periodically be moved to prevent direct linking.



These images have been collected from various newsgroups and public domain sources, and all are believed to be free of copyright. If you find an image within this collection that is not free for distribution, please contact us with this information, and we will either remove the image, or credit its author. These images are not to be resold, or included in any collections without the owner's written permission.

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