"State of Grace"

I thank you for the devotion

       of friends and family;

            for children's kisses and generous hugs

                   bequeathed spontaneously.

                        For each new sunrise sanctioned

                           that I might aptly revere,

                              for each melodious bird song

                                 that I am blessed to hear.

                                    For each fresh winter's snow I see,

                               for every patriarchal tree,

                         for splendor-winged shooting stars

                   which bear the wonder that You are.

            For miracles and mercies mild,

                for innocence in joyful child,

                      for tolerance of foolish ways

                           and absolution, when disobeyed.

                                  For all these things, and countless more,

                                       from wind-swept plains to placid shores,

                                            from mountains strained

                                                 towards Heaven's light,

                                                       to one still cry heard late at night,

                                                             I offer one more poignant plea:

                                                                  that I be granted

                                                                       a Home with Thee.

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