"Safe Passage"


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There are a few things

  I will need for my "Old Age." 

    A friendly cottage smiling out across a misty pond;

       God's majesty in mighty oaks

          that whisper Spring refrains to Summer's breeze;

              a stout canoe for leisure glides to secret coves

                   where Bigmouth Bass lay wait unknowingly;

                       a sentimental patch of daisies, here and there,

                           nodding ardent "Hello's"

                              to Morning Glories and White Gladioli.

                         I could lose myself

                    in the serenity of a haunt such as this.

              I could drift to worlds beyond

                      this superficial life I've seen.

                               I could release my Spirit

                                        and float among the stars

                                                   in quiet reverie.

                                                      I could relinquish my grasp

                                                 on the past;

                                          my pilgrimage

                                    would be over.....