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Almost every day we get at least one email asking us where we get the midi music that we use on this web site. Perhaps, the links below will answer that question. If you are wondering why there are such few links, it is because we are relatively selective about the quality of the music we use. While not all of these sites' midi files are of exceptional quality, they all have many midis that are far above average as far as producing stereophonic sound.

You will note that some of the music links belong to the original recording artists and, as such, contain copyrighted material which cannot be sold or included in midi collections. You should write to the artist before using their music.

Also included in this list are links to sites where you may find sheet music and midi tools and/or resources.


Just because a link below is listed in a particular section does not mean that they don't have a wide variety of music. I urge you to check out all of these links to see all that they have to offer.

Miscellaneous Midis

Dolphin's Dreams

Laura's Midi Heaven

The Midi Database

Elysium's Gate

Duke of Url

Midi & CD Music Finder

Searchable Midi Database

Van Basco's Midi Search

The Midi Zone

Popular Songs

Ifni Midis

Magic Man's Midis

Rock & Roll

Greg's Midis


The Jazz Page


Bob Mace Midis


Classical Midi Archives

New Age

Elan Michael's Original Midis

Judy's Yanni Midis

Bruce DeBoer's Midis

Country & Western

Yellow Rose of Texas


Charlie the Carmelite Midis

World Music

Laura's Midi Heaven


Harmony Central Tools & Resources

Freebyte Music Zone

Sheet Music

Sheet Music Guide

Notice -

The midis used on this page and any web page of which J's Magic Galleries is the copyright holder, where noted, are used in our capacity as a non-profit and personal site. All of the MIDI files used herein or midi sites linked are for non-commercial use. We do not derive any proceeds from the depiction of Midis that appear here or banner advertisements that may be displayed here. MIDI and graphic files were downloaded from various FTP & web sites on the Internet over the last six (6) years. Many files were sent to us from viewers. The respective rights of the original MIDI compositions and graphics of the artists and composers belong to the appropriate parties. Credit to and name of composer, performer, or sequencer has been provided within this site, whenever available. We will happily link to any sites of owners upon request to do, so that proper credit can be given to the appropriate party.

If there are any files which do not fit these conditions, and if complete removal is desired, please email us and we will remove the file(s) in question, after proof of ownership, within 24 hours. Request for removal must be supplied by the original holder of copyright. MIDI and graphic files found on this web site are provided for personal listening and viewing pleasure only and are believed to be free of copyright. You are not to sell or use any of these graphic or midi files for profit without expressed permission from the copyright holder.

MIDI files that are used on this web site are believed to be artists' renditions of said songs and not original compositions. Many musical notes may be minutely different and all MIDIs are entirely a matter of the creator's interpretation. The original or recorded (CD, Cassettes, LP) compositions of the original composers, writers, and performers retain their respective original copyrights. Any and all material on this and any and all of our web sites have been obtained through public distribution channels and are assumed to be either of "Public Domain" or free for public use, non-commercial distribution and allowed for use under the above conditions by the copyright holder.

If you feel that you hold a copyright to any material used in this web site and your copyright has been infringed upon on any material found on this site or any of my other sites and desire it's removal, please e-mail us. Please be prepared to provide legal proof of ownership.

J's Magic Galleries retains all rights of ownership and copyrights in connection to original writings, photography, graphics, and text authored or created by our staff for which J's Magic Galleries is the copyright holder. All pages under the ownership of J's Magic Galleries are free for personal use and forwarding in their entirety to any and all Internet users worldwide under the conditions stated above.

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